Nick Kafker's Page on the Rosenberg Trial

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Julius and Ethel Rosenberg


This diagram shows the members of the Rosenberg section of the Soviet spy ring. It also shows important information about the people.
The gray arrows show the path of information on the atomic bomb. The information traveled from the labs in Los Alamos and the
facilities in Manhattan to the desk of Stalin in Moscow.

external image Implosion_bomb_animated.gif
This is how the Implosion lens on the Nagasaki A-Bomb works. This was what David Greenglass took notes on when he
was working at Los Alamos. The purple circle in the center is the combination of uranium -238 and plutonium-239. The high
explosive around the center compresses the U-238 and Pu-239 and causes it to explode.

external image ROS_DIA2.JPG

This a diagram of the Soviet Spy Ring that the Rosenbergs were a part of. The five people under Rosenberg each gathered
small pieces of information. The information leapt from the young communist enthusiasts in Manhattan to the leaders of the
Communist World.

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This is Fat Man’s Mushroom Cloud. David Greenglass took notes on the components of this atomic bomb while he was working at the labs of Los Alamos.


This is a picture of Judge Irving Kaufman. He presided over the Rosenberg case at the age of 40.

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