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Psychological Effect of Cold War on Americans Resulting in Bomb Shelters

This cartoon illustrates the idea that fallout shelters built in the Cold War didn't protect you from an attack.
Civil Defense Sign: external image CivilDefenseLogoFinal-705903.jpg

Cold War Fallout Shelter Propaganda:

This commercial was propaganda created to influence people to buy or make fallout shelters

Bert the Turtle (Directed Towards Children):

This was a childrens show that was created to teach the youth population about civil defense.
BertTurtle.jpgexternal image booklet_youduck_400.gifexternal image Duck_Cover.jpgexternal image bertTurtle_thm.jpgexternal image Bert_helpful.jpg
Bert the Turtle was a childrens cartoon character created to teach them about civil defense and how to be safe if an attack were to happen. With Bert the Turtle comes the phrase "Duck and Cover" which children growing up in the 1950's vividly remember. The children were taught to go through nuclear attack drills in which they had to duck and cover themselves under their desks. Bert the Turtle was created to make sure that the phrase "Duck and Cover" became instilled in their minds. In reality if a nuclear attack were to happen ducking under a desk wouldn't protect you at all.

What does a fallout shelter look like?
external image 200708141515.jpgexternal image 3430581.jpg?v=1&c=ViewImages&k=2&d=A6F75B5D5F9A091C2AC3381093133B0CA55A1E4F32AD3138external image 8.jpgexternal image shelter-photo.gif

You may or may not be able to tell from the pictures that these wouldn't protect you during a nuclear attack. The reason people bought and built these shelters was because of fear. They didn't know if the shelters would help, but the FDCA was telling everyone to build one.