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Cold War Project

As we finish our studies of World War II, it is appropriate to start thinking about the long struggle that emerged in the wake of that war, known as the Cold War. This is a long-term project that will help students learn about a particular aspect of the Cold War.

Cold War PowerPoint presentation:

Details: Students will….

  • conduct at least 2 interviews of adults whom you believe may know something about the Cold War
  • prepare a written paper 3-4 pages in length (double spaced). Further directions will follow.
  • complete a final assessment. It will be a creative display of the Cold War knowledge gained. This element of the project will involve your use of this web site (add here)

Due Dates:
Friday, April 11: Preliminary Thesis Statement: Click here for guidelines
Tuesday, April 15: Bibliography (both annotated and shared via NoodleBib) NoodleBib instructions Share to "Section 7C" Click here for help in evaluating your sources Evaluating Resources For your annotated bibliography, answer the following questions for each of your sources:
  1. How will the source help you?
  2. What are its limitations?
  3. Is the reading level appropriate?
  4. Is there any bias?
Here is some useful information in evaluating web sites: Evaluating web pages

Wednesday, April 16: Cold War Quiz How to create note cards
Friday, April 18: 15 Note Cards
Friday, April 18: Revised Thesis Statement
Tuesday, April 22: Creative Project Proposal Due, remeember to please e-mail a photo of yourself (as an attachment) to pabramson@brookwood.edu
Wednesday, April 23: Outline due How to develop an outline
Friday, April 25: 40 Note Cards
Thursday, May 1: First Draft of Paper
Wednesday, May 14: Final Draft of Paper
Friday, May 23: Creative Project Due
Timeline of Project
Each student will be given a separate page to create their display.

Sample Student's Page
Brett Bidstrup
Abbie Clavin
Ariana DiCroce
Jack Gantt
Maria Gustaferro
Nick Kafker
Mimi Leggett
Peter Locke
Billy O'Donnell
Jordan Pace
Sarah Prickett
Jonathan Shaffer
Sam Shorr
Nikki Southard
Allie Stahlman