The Space Race
By Abbie Clavin

The Space Race was a race between the United States and the Soviet Union to see which country could conquer space, which included the first spacecraft, many new discoveries, and the first man on the moon. These two countries were both trying to prove their way of life was better. Many very important things happened during the space race. Without it, the US may not have ever landed on the moon and we would not have lots of great discoveries. There were a lot of important things happening during the space race, but Sputnik was the most important. This artificial satellite really was the beginning of all space discoveries. It resulted in NASA, all space crafts, and a significant amount of knowledge.

Here is a timeline of the space race that I created.

external image Kennedy1961Moon.jpg
Kennedy's speech declaring his goal to reach the moon

1006003.jpg vs. 50010~USA-Flag-Posters.jpg

This is the speech Kennedy made declaring his goal for our country to reach the moon.

Picture of Sputnik (first spacecraft in space)

Click here to hear Sputnik's signal.

Here is a link for another timeline by There are two pages, you can get to the other page by scrolling down and clicking on 1966-1975. space race timeline